UK Breakdown Cover From £3.29 per month

Roadside Plus From £4.20

A package offering roadside assistance and 20 mile recovery. If the vehicle cannot be fixed on the spot within a reasonable time, we will recover the vehicle and up to 5 passengers to the nearest garage or your home address if it is nearer. This cover is also suitable for Mobility Scooters.

Roadside Assistance from £3.29 per month

This is our entry level package offering roadside assistance and local recovery within 10 miles.

Roadside Plus Home From £6.75

This is a new package offering the benefits of Roadside Plus. Plus assistance with your vehicle at your home address. This is ideal for those drivers who do not drive long distances

Homeplus From £9.95

As the name implies, this level of cover provides all the benefits of the UK Plus Service plus assistance with your vehicle at your home. In addition should you be stranded away from your intended destination due to a breakdown, hotel accommodation will be provided.

UK Plus from £8.09 Per Month

Our UK Plus cover provides all-round protection, bringing you the benefits of expert assistance to help you at the roadside and the security of knowing that if recovery is necessary, we will recover both your car and up to 5 passengers to your home address or destination.

Superplus From £11.90

All the services provided by Homeplus together with the following: Medical Recovery, Car Hire, AlternativeTravel, Message Handling, Key Recovery

UK Plus Personal

UK Plus Personal covers the member when driving any car.